~~~ Za-Zoo Huang-He ~~~

" ZaZoo "

07.12.1995 - 26.09.2011

Color: gold-white

Za-Zoo is rather a peculiar, reserved and quiet dog, in spite of the fact that he is the boss at home and quite often finds it necessary to argue with his buddy Thai-Fu. However, in times of trouble he sticks by his buddy and both of them attack unfriendly dogs.
In addition to this, he enjoys travelling in cars and going for a walk, no matter what the weather is like.

"Nationaler Jüngsten Champion"
"Nationaler Jugend Champion"

Baby Klasse:

Baby Sauerland Sieger 1996
Baby Hanse- und Börde Sieger 1996

Jugend Klasse:

Jugend Westfalen Sieger 1996
Jugend Weltsieger 1996
Jugend Drei-Länder-Cup Sieger 1996
Jugend Europa-Cup Sieger 1996
Jugend Europa Sieger 1996

Junghund Klasse:

Neujahrs-Festival Sieger 1997