~~~ Little Daredevil´s Almost an Angel ~~~

" Any "

born 11.01.2000   Color: black-white

Sir: Odin Chu-Shin von Savaredo

Dam: Abigail von Savaredo


Any is a very friendly female who relates to people, in which respect she comes after her mother, Püppy. This may also be said of Any's strong-mindedness.
Any is awfully fond of children. If she discovers children during one of her walks, there is no stopping her.
Any loves going for a walk, anyway. But she also takes great pleasure in simply sitting enthroned on the couch or romping around in the garden.
What she doesn't like, though, is being groomed, finding such treatment as being bathed, having her hair dried and pleated superfluous and simply awful.



"Deutscher Jugend Champion"

"Deutscher Veteranen Champion VK"

"Deutscher Veteranen Champion VDH"