~~~ Little Daredevil`s Crash Boom Bang ~~~


born: 6.12.2008
Color: gold/white

Sir: Aylas Jo-Jo Corozzo

Dam: Little Daredevil`s Better Be Good 


Lilly is strong female with exellent body, lots of temperament and perfect teeth. But I don`t know were she have this temperament, parents and grandparents don`t have so much... she loves her toy " Kong ", the same as her mum Betty! Also eating, her favorite, she eat all and anything, mad dogs. And she loves our paddle pond, all my dogs love it to go into when it is hot here. Lillys Character is the same as Jo, her father, she know what she want! But you can`t angry with her, she is so cute and my little sunshine, I`m glad to have her...



" German Champion Club "

" German Junior Champion Club "

" German Junior Champion VDH "

"Austrian Junior winner 2009 "

" Winner Bremen/Weser-Ems 2010 "

" Winner Niedersachsen 2010 "

" 3 x Best female"

" gekört "