In Memory


~~~ Lee-Shan Schi-Tzi-Shan ~~~


14.02.1993 - 06.01.1999

There is little to say about Pascha apart from the fact that he was a very special dog for me, and that I miss him very much.
Unfortunately, he died prematurely of kidney failure as a result of a slipped disc.
His kidness and the fact that he had a mind of his own were the things I liked most about him; he always knew what he wanted and what he did not.
It was the most natural thing in the world for Pascha to accompany me wherever I went, so that whenever circumstances forced me to leave him behind, he would show me exactly what he thought by going off in a huff, as always unwilling to forgive me.
Going for a ride in the car was his greatest passion. To him the car was like a second home, and he considered in his duty to protect it against animals and humans. If someone dared to come anywhere near it, he tended to become very angry.
This was also the case when slepping in bed beside me. None of the other dogs were allowed to do so, since Pascha considered this to be his sole right.
Even after he had been gone for some time, none of the other dogs made any attempts to take his place in bed beside me, and it took quite a while before one of them finally did.
All in all he was a really terrific dog , and I will always remember him fondly.



Nationaler Champion

Internationaler Champion


Internationaler Ehrenchampion





Offene Klasse:


- Drei-Länder-Cup Sieger 1995
- Kontinent-Traditions Sieger 1996
- Sauerland Sieger 1996




Champion Klasse:


- Hanse- und Börde Sieger 1996
- Weltsieger 1996
- Drei-Länder-Cup Sieger 1996




Internationale Ehrenchampion Klasse:


- Westfalen Sieger 1996
- Europa-Cup Sieger 1996
- Europasieger 1996
-Neujahrs-Festival Sieger 1997