In Memory


~~~ Ch.Chinese G`Thai-Fu vom Nanacara ~~~

‘’ Thai-Fu ‘’

09.11.1996 - 18.10.2009

Thai-Fu is a dog with a compact and muscular body with good bones.
He`s poised and has a lot of self-confidence, which unfailingly stands him in good stead when dealing with other dogs, no matter how big or small they are.
Moreover, one of his favourite activities is going for a walk, since there are always a lot of new things for him to discover and have a good sniff at.
He also enjoys going to dog shows, for the simple reason that he can meet lots and lots of other dogs there.
On top of that, he is a loving father. When my first puppies were born, he saw it as his task to look after them, in other words: to devote himself to their upbringing, bathing and, most of all, playing with them again and again.



dt. Jugend Champion

Shih-Tzu par Exellence

dt. Veteranen Champion VK

dt. Veteranen Champion VDH

Saarland Veteranensieger

Saarbrücken 2006