Our Journey began on 27 October 2002, the day on which the storm "Jeanette" raged over Germany.

Unfortunately, the journey did not begin well.


We did not spend the night in a warm cabin but were forced to bed down in our cold car instead.


The ferry was not allowed to enter the habour, and so we finally left at 9 a.m. as opposed to 2 a.m. our scheduled time of departure


( I wonder what Sissi is going to say about this??? )

Apart from that, we faced no further problems during the slightly rough crossing. We then arrived in Helsinki after approximately 36 hours.


There my longtime penpal Kati picked us up and took us to her place.

While we drove to her place we saw a goog number of moose.

But only on signposts!


We then spent four days with Kati and her family. During our stay we then visit other shih-tzu breeders. A ring training was also planned.
And, of course, we also had a look at Helsinki

Naturally, the time spent in Finland was far too short, and so it was soon time to say goodbye.
But it was definitly not our last visit to Finland!

(...see you Kati)