About Us

Back in the summer of 1995 I more or less stumbled across this terrific breed. A colleague of mine owned two Shih-Tzus. I was so fascinated by this creature and its arrogance that I knew at once my dog would have to be a Shih-Tzu!

And so, in August 1995, Lee-Shan Shih-Tzi-Shan, also named " Pascha ", became the first Shih-Tzu to live with me. The doubts I had at first regarding my cats and what they may have to say about all this were to prove unneccessary, however, as the animals got along marvellously. Although he didn`t have any FCI- documents, it was love at first sight for me. He came, saw and conquered!
Unfortunately, he died of kidney failure at the age of six as a result of a slipped disc.

But I soon found two new companions - the dogs Za-Zoo " Huang- He " and Chinese G' Thai-Fu of Nanacara. At the beginning of 1999 I bought my first bitch. Her name was Abigail of Savaredo.
In January 2000 I then witnessed the birth of my first litter: a black and white dog called " Tütü " and a black and white bitch called " Any ". As I simply couldn`t bear to part with my first litter, I decided to keep both dogs without further ado.

In October 2002 we were then joined by my bitch Camelle The She Devil. She comes from Finland, from where I imported her after spending a week there.

Here you find photos about our trip to Finnland.

As I was so fascinated by this creature and her self-confidence, it was a little difficult at first to find an appropriate Kennel name for her. As I believe that the name of a dog must reflect its true nature and not otherwise, I chose
" Little Daredevil´s ", which is by all means an appropriate one!

My Kennel are based on old English and Scandinavian lineages such as Keytor, Greenmoss and Santosha. That is why I think it important that the dogs are pure-bred and kept that way.

My Shih-Tzus are just a hobby for me. In consequence, there is a maximum of one litter per year.